The 2019 Emmy Awards may still be a few months away (September 22nd) but preparations have begun and class photos are out! It's been a great year for screen productions which means it's also been a good year for screen actors. Specifically Canadians! The Emmys revealed their top supporting actors and three of them are Canadian

If you're wondering what a class photo is, it's exactly what it sounds like. The Emmys gather the top 30 actors in each category and take a group photo of them! This year's roster includes Canadians Shay Mitchell, Manny Jacinto, and Sarah Goldberg. 

Alongside the class photo, each actor is also interviewed. Shay Mitchell has come a long way since Pretty Little Liars. She was credited for her role in the Netflix series You. During her interview, she told The Hollywood Reporter what her ideal spinoff of the show would be.

"If there was a spinoff, I would want Peach's secret twin sister Tangerine to come back and really mess stuff up with Penn and do, like, the reverse stalking so she gets the revenge that Peach never got to have."

We don't know if Netflix has any plans for a Peach and Tangerine spinoff, but we do know that the series will have a season 2!

Manny Jacinto was selected for his hilarious role on NBC's The Good Place as Jason Mendoza. His humour translated into his Emmy's interview as well. When he was asked which co-star he'd call to bail him out of jail he responded with, "Ted [Danson] for sure. Not only does he have the financial means to do that, but he can also charm anybody's pants off." 

Manny will be back on our screens as Jason Mendoza this fall! 

Sarah Goldberg joined the class photo for her role in in the HBO show Barry. Her interview took a more serious note when she discussed a time where she lost sleep over a scene she would have to film, "I had to do a monologue in episode seven of this second season of Barry and I knew it was going to be sort of a three-minute, one shot sort of deal."

The official nominations for the Emmys this September will be announced on July 16th. We can't wait to find out if any of our Canadians made the cut! 

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