*Takes a deep breath*. Okay, guys. Either you're a fan of This Is Us, or you've never seen the show before. If you have seen the show, there is one specific moment we have been waiting for since it was hinted at. That being Jack Pearson's death. The dad of all dad's. The husband of all husband's. Excuse me while I mourn. 

On February 4th, after the much anticipated Superbowl, the even more anticipated episode of This Is Us will finally tell us all about Jack's death and how it happened. Kate has mentioned a few times in the show that his death was her fault, but after last weeks episode where it shows that they forgot to get batteries to put into the fire alarm, we're really not sure who's fault it could be. 

Kate also mentioned in last nights episode that her dog had something to do with his death, which is maybe why she blames herself so much. What we do know is that he dies in a fireand the rest of the family gets out alive. There have been too many hints at the fire being the sole reason for his death, and after the promo below, it's safe to say we have the biggest answer. 

I'm not sure about you, but I'm already a nervous wreck. Last nights episode showed a little preview of Jack opening the door only to be greeted with a wall of flames, and that was even too much to handle. Milo Ventimiglia hinted a couple of weeks ago that we would find out about his characters death "very, very, very, very soon". He also mentioned that people have seen what's contributed to his death, but "no one has guessed it yet". What does that even MEAN?! 

The long awaited This Is Us episode will air on Sunday, February 4th instead of it's normal Tuesday air date. It's only fair that it would air after Superbowl Sunday since the Pearson's are such big Steelers fans. Let us know, what do you think happened to Jack? 

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