If you know anything about music, then you'll know that the Grammys is music's biggest night. Every type of music is shown love, even if they don't show half of the awards nominated. I usually really do like the Grammys. I like seeing all the different types of artists in one room, cheering each other on. Well, I watched it last night and the whole time thought, "What?" So to that, I will say, the Grammys just need to be cancelled forever, and here's why. 

Last night was the 61st annual Grammy awards. After 61 award shows, you would think they would know how to properly work a camera, right? Instead, we watched Alicia Keys, the host, walk from point A to point B and awkwardly interacting with the fans until they told her to start talking. We also saw the back on Shawn Mendes for at least two minutes, which no one is complaining about. 

But anyways, onto the actual awards. The show started at 8 and ended at roughly around 11:30. In that amount of time, we saw about 7 awards given out, and about 18 performances. I don't know about you, but I definitely watch the Grammys to see who won what, not really to see every single overplayed song on the radio being played live. Camila Cabello opened the show with her ever-so-popular song Havana, which is great. But that song came out in 2017. Not 2018. 

While watching the show last night, which aired on Sunday, February 10th, I realized that they did things a lot differently than past years. Instead of making the show about winners in music, they really made the show a concert instead. I know that Ariana Grande was supposed to perform a medley of songs, but ultimately backed out. While I'm still upset about this, I truly don't see a single moment where they could have fit in another performance. 

The Grammys have been in hot water in the past couple of years for a lack of diversity. They definitely stepped it up this year, as many different artists won all sorts of different awards, with Drake even making a surprise appearance. However, they had about 14 'tributes' to artists from the past, and fans were pretty livid that someone was left out of that tribute. Someone who was nominated Best Rap Album. That being the late Mac Miller. 

They hardly even mentioned his name at the awards show, so Cardi B took it into her hands. While accepting the awards for Best Rap Album, she said, "I read an article that Mac Miller family said that he don’t win, they want me to win. So I’m sharing this Grammy with you, motherf*cker. Rest in peace." His ex-girlfriend Ariana Grande even stood up for him, tweeting then deleting 'trash' and then clarifying that she meant why would they invite his parents and not give him the award? I guess we'll never know, Ari. 

To be honest, I think the best part of the night was seeing all the artists collaborate on songs together. But was that another way to get people to watch? Shawn Mendes and Miley Cyrus have been hinting at a performance together for literally a month, so of course, we're going to want to watch it. Well, to our luck, they performed first and definitely stole the night. 

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Now, don't even get me started on the red carpet show. Ryan Seacrest, who has literally hosted 60000 red carpets at this point, still does not really know how to ask the right questions and fans are definitely noticing. In a collection of tweets, fans rip Ryan Seacrest apart from his incredibly awkward interview with Lady Gaga to asking Beba Rexha who she was wearing... which was a hot topic because she came out and said no one would dress her because she body shamed. *sigh*

There are way more reasons why the Grammys should just be cancelled forever, or definitely reworked entirely. It's the biggest night in music, and half of the artists didn't even show up! I think that says enough in itself. Just remember, this is my personal opinion and it's not meant to hurt anyone. However, the Grammys definitely have a lot of reworking to do in 2020, which is making it more about the awards given and less about a celebrity-filled concert. 

The opinions expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not necessary reflect the views of Narcity Media.

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