The Handmaid's Tale has been a massive hit ever since it hit streaming platforms last April, and it's gotten a ton of awards attention to boot. The show even won an Emmy for Outstanding Television Drama, being the first ever streamed show to do so! Though if you've already finished binging the first season you have probably been dying for any news related to the second round, luckily for you there are finally details, and a trailer! 

@handmaidsonhuluembedded via

Thankfully the second season has already been produced and edited, meaning there is nothing else to wait for apart from the actual release of the show's new episodes. Which will be coming on April 25th of this year.  While we were able to see a few snapshots of the upcoming season earlier this month, the news of the new season's release date comes with a trailer as well! 

While the nail biting trailer definitely leaves us dying for more details, it's at least nice to know that in a few short months the new season will be coming back for us to binge.  If you are a little too impatient to wait, you could always rewatch the first season in the meantime! 

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