In 2015, there was a huge craze around the app Trivia Crack. Remember that? That game consisted of answering questions of general knowledge and most games were played against your friends and family. 

While we finally grew tired of it, a new app trivia app has arrived at the end of 2017, and it is ready to steal our full attention. 

Created by the same designers as the Vine app, HQ Trivia is a free application that allows you to answer general knowledge trivia. But more importantly, you can the chance to earn money - yes, we mean real money. 

Via HQ Trivia

Every day, an animator connects live at 3 PM and 9 PM Eastern Standard time. The amount of the prize money is determined for the day (for example, the prize today was $2000) and can be won by the partipant(s) who can correctly answer 12 multiple-choice questions on various topics. 

However! You only have 10 seconds to answer each question, and for a wrong answer, you are eliminated. You'll lose all chances of winning the prize money, but you can still watch the quiz and chat. 

If there are several winners (there can be anywhere from a dozen to a few hundred), the prize is shared between the winners. Today, the prize was divided by 367, making a total of $5.45 per winner. And sure, that's not much, but for 15 minutes and a free game, there are a lot worse things you could do. 

Via HQ Trivia

On January 1, there was a record 750,000 people on the app with the pot hitting $18,000. So get to your cellphones! There's a chance to get rich quick before the app gets way too popular. 

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