Office fans, this is the day you've all been dreaming of, but thought would never come.  Four years after the series finale back in 2013 and 9 seasons later, NBC has given Office fans across the globe a glimmer of hope of a new reboot! 

This news comes after NBC released a statement about the series late last night. While it definitely shocked fans, many aren't surprised considering NBC had just recently rebooted Will and Grace, 11 years after it's own series finale. Steve Carell had even made a joke when that news came out, mistaking the show for The Office... maybe this was foreshadowing?! 

While the reboot is said to be including old characters from the original series, it's been revealed that not only will there be new characters added, but there's also a very sad detail- Steve Carell will not be included in the reboot. 

While many believe that The Office was at its best with Carell, it seems that either NBC wants to go in another direction or they aren't looking to shell out the cash they'll need to get their star back. Regardless, the show is slated to go on and the network is looking towards the premiere of the reboot airing in the 2018/ 2019 year. 

After the news hit Twitter, fans definitely had some positive and not so positive things to say about the news: 

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