Alrighty then! Jim Carrey’s role in Ace Ventura: Pet Detective isn’t the only iconic way he’s been associated with animals. Michael Scott almost had a pet parrot on The Office that was named after the Canadian actor.

Author Andy Greene recently released a tell-all novel about the series called, The Office: The Untold Story of the Greatest Sitcom of the 2000s. The book includes a behind the scenes look at favourite episodes, alternate endings to characters stories, and comments from the creators of the show.

In an excerpt released by Entertainment Weekly, readers got all the info behind what the writer’s room referred to as the “break the glass episode” of The Office.

The episode, written back in season one, was titled, “Pet Day” and included an appearance from Michael’s Scott’s pet parrot named Jim Carrey.

Although the episode was never filmed, writer Justin Spitzer says “we [the writers] would talk about it as our ‘break the glass episode’ that we’d do if we ever were totally in trouble.”

The audience never got the chance to meet the Canadian named Parrot, however, it could be fun to imagine Michael attempting to get “Jim Carrey” to interact with Angela’s many cats.

Alongside “Pet Day”, it was also revealed that creators once considered moving a second paper company into the building to add some rivalry to the mix. There was even talk of an episode where Michael was accidentally crucified!

While The Office currently has no plans of a revival, there have been recent reports that Jim Carrey could potentially be returning to the role of Ace Ventura.

However, for now, Jim Carrey is spending his social isolation hilariously documenting his beard growth until we’re all able to “get back to work.”

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