Put your gaming skills to the test! A reality competition series based on one of the most beloved video games drops so soon and you'll want to tune in. The Sims Spark'd features real-life people using their virtual gaming skills and battling it out for a hefty reward.

According to Variety, the four-part series will follow 12 contestants playing The Sims 4 as they compete for a $100,000 grand prize.

The competitors are "notable members" of the online gaming community and will face-off "in skills and elimination challenges" while competing against the clock in order to impress the panel of three judges.

Those judges are Kelsey Impicciche, a YouTuber and BuzzFeed Multiplayer producer, Tayla Parx, a singer and songwriter, and Dave "SimGuruNinja" Miotke, a game developer for The Sims.

The competition will be hosted by Rayvon Owen, a finalist in season 14 of American Idol. 

A statement from Lyndsay Pearson, GM of The Sims franchise reads, "Since its inception, The Sims has been a groundbreaking experience, allowing players to create and virtually live out the stories they create in-game."

She continued, "That’s also why this show is so exciting. We’re continuing that innovative spirit, bringing our community together to compete and showcase their in-game storytelling on a reality show in an entirely new way."

In the official trailer, host Owens explains that the upcoming series is "a creative competition where you design characters, build anything you can imagine, and tell original stories using The Sims."

He continues, "With new challenges designed to inspire creativity, you have two hours to work."

Players seem pretty surprised to learn about the tight timelines but turn out some emotional stories using their virtual characters. 

The Verge claims that starting on the premiere date, The Sims 4 game will actually feature "a series of in-game challenges tied directly to the show".

In both April and June, the game went on sale for just $5, though right now it's selling for $39.99 on Origin's website.

So you may want to check back in for another price drop if you still haven't gotten your hands on the addicting game.

The Sims Spark'd debuts on the TBS channel on Friday, July 17. The following Monday after that, episodes will be available to stream on the BuzzFeed Multiplayer YouTube channel.

Check out the trailer below!

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