Wow. Last night's episode of "This Is Us" was an emotional roller coaster. We went from laughing to crying to complete confusion... and then right back to crying again. But the most insane part of the finale was the flash forward at the very end of the episode. If you missed it, here's a tiny recap of what happened. 

Last night's episode was the season 2 finale of "This Is Us". The episode revolved around Kate and Toby's wedding. Kate reveals that leading up to the wedding, she has been having dreams about Rebecca and Jack's 40th wedding anniversary (not her wedding) as if Jack had never passed away. 

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Throughout the episode, Kate struggles to let go of her dad as she prepares to marry Toby. Randall struggles with Dasha and her moodiness. After they take her in, she becomes "a nightmare". Kevin opens up to Randall about his worries that he'll be alone forever and gives a somewhat awkward speech about how he's never fully mourned his father, Jack.  

The last scene of the episode is what we're actually here to talk about. Towards the very end of the episode, a flash-forward scene of The Big Three, reveals what will happen in their futures. In the flash forward, Kevin is seen on a plane to Vietnam sitting beside Beth's cousin. In the scene, Kevin is looking at a picture of Jack and his brother from the war in Vietnam. 

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In the flash forward, Randall is back at his daughter Tessa's office (which we saw during the Superbowl episode), and he tells her that "We need to see her". To which Tessa says she doesn't know if she's ready, and Randall says he doesn't know if he is either. Who could they be talking about? Dasha? Is she in prison? She did break Randall's car window in the episode.

The most upsetting flash forward was Kate's. Her future is dark and gloomy and Toby is seemingly depressed in bed. She comes up to him and tells him that his doctor wants to change his meds. We don't know why this could be, but we know that these questions will definitely be answered next season.

At the end of the first season, they teased Jack's death. We just know that the show's creator, Dan Fogelman teased season two's "flash-forward" ending to keep us clinging on until next season. Just like how they revealed the crockpot controversy, we're sure that Fogelman will reveal what happens in each of the triplet's futures next season.

These are all of the questions that will definitely be revealed next season. 

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