If you haven't seen even just one episode of Queer Eye, then you are missing out on a lot. Not only does the entire series magically clear your skin (we wish), but it also brings so much happiness to your whole life (this part is true). Well, the trailer for Queer Eye season 3 is here and it will make you bawl your eyes out. 

Roll call! Antoni, Tan, Karamo, Bobby, and Jonathan are all back for season 3 and this season will be unlike any other. If you're unfamiliar with the show, the Fab Five gives makeovers to those in need. In the past couple of seasons, they've only given makeovers to men. It's all about to change though. 

Season 3 looks like the most emotional season yet. They not only give a makeover to the people in the episode but their entire lives. Fans freaked out when the third season was announced, and the trailer looks unreal. 

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Not only will the Fab Five be giving makeovers, but they'll be expanding who they give makeovers to. Anyone with a background story is available for a makeover, especially those who have been through a lot. The trailer shows a woman who came out as gay, as well as a woman who lost her brother and then lost herself. This will definitely be the most vulnerable and emotional season yet. 

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Queer Eye season 3 debuts on Netflix on March 15th. That seems like so far away when you're obsessed with this show, but you'll survive. In the meantime, you can rewatch season 1 and 2. You can also view the trailer for season 3 below, but grab some kleenex. It's a tough one. 

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