It seems that Netflix Canada has done it again and brought on an incredible new series for users to binge. This time, it comes in the form of TV series that has already established a cult following in the UK as a result of its fast-paced plot and incredible actors.

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The show in question is called The Bodyguard and was first released in the UK last August on BBC. The series got incredible reviews and in response, Netflix made the move to get the series on their platform. While it was announced a few months back that The Bodyguard would indeed be hitting Netflix, it wasn't until this month that users could actually access it. 

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The show follows a veteran named David Budd who served in Afghanistan but is back in the UK with his two children and wife while going through a separation. To pay the bills, Budd acts as a bodyguard but gets a unique assignment as the bodyguard for the Home Secretary, Julia Montague, who he has conflicting beliefs with when it comes to politics. 

In the heat of several terror attacks, viewers follow Budd and Montague while they navigate the political world and in the process become targets themselves. Not only is the series praised for its detail in the storyline but also the balance of two common extremes when it comes to the response to terror attacks in the political world through the show's characters. 

Another aspect of the show that has intrigued viewers is how the show gives viewers a behind-the-scenes look at how the government reacts to terror threats and how they prevent the ones the public never hears about. 

As of now, the first and only season of the series is available for you to stream. Unfortunately, the first season was only comprised of 6 hour-long episodes so you will probably get through it quickly. But while it may be short, it still delivers an incredible story that will leave you begging for the second season. 

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