The episode we've all been waiting for is almost here, and we all have our theories. Of course, we all know that damn Crockpot is the reason the fire started but if the whole family got out except for Jack, there needs to be another reason why he died. And it all has to do with Kevin. 

The one theory that fans have thought was true forever was that Jack was saving Kate's dog. While this could still be true, another theory has come to be that is way more heartwrenching. That theory being that Jack goes in to save Kevin, who he assumes is sound asleep in his basement bedroom. However, there is one problem there. Rebecca forgot to relay the message to Jack that Kevin was sleeping at Sophie's that night. Do you have chills like I do?

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This also makes a ton of sense, since Jack left a note on Kevin's door saying he needs to apologize, in which he already did to his mom over the phone. When Randall came home from his adorable date with Alison, Jack told him that "I thought you were Kevin", also sparking this theory that he had no idea. 

Since Kevin had a broken leg and slept all the way in the basement, it would have been super challenging for him to dodge the fire. Or so Jack would assume. This just proves that Jack is the most loving, heartfelt and selfless fictional dad there ever was. 

The chilling promo for Sundays episode shows Rebecca frantically gathering things, as Jack helps Randall and Kate through the fire in the house. Seriously, my heart can't take it. If Jack and Rebecca were separated in the house, there would have been no way for her to tell him that Kevin was not home. This theory seems like the most feasible out of all of them, however, This Is Us always finds a way to shock us. I would not be surprised if the fire had nothing to do with Kevin at all. 

The episode we've all been waiting for will air on Super Bowl Sunday, which is February 4th. Don't forget a box of kleenex and get ready for the saddest episode of any show ever. Also, what do you think happened to Jack?!

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