If you haven't watched YOU on Netflix, what are you doing with your time? The new fan favourite show has an 89% on Rotten Tomatoes, and it's all for good reason. Although the show makes you question everyone you meet, I think the meaning behind the show is super important. Really, you can't trust everyone you meet, and Penn Badgley's character makes you believe that. Well, YOU has been confirmed for a second season and fans are dying to know what happens. 

While we're not sure of the release date for the second season, on the Netflix Instagram page for YOU all it says is 'Season 2 coming soon'. If you weren't aware, YOU is actually a book! And yes, there is a sequel. The show actually changed a lot of things that were in the book, like Candace's fate. 

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Sooo if you're like me and mindlessly scrolling Netflix until finding something you may like more than YOUthen you need to hear the scoop on the second season. Because it's going to be amazing. 

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Will Joe keep living in New York City? Apparently not! According to the sequel, Joe picks up and moves to Los Angeles. Now, Los Angeles and New York City are complete opposite cities. Not just at opposite ends of the country, but different vibes as well. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, showrunner Sera Gamble says that Joe, Badgley's character, doesn't instantly fall in love with the city because he's a die hard New Yorker. That could also add to his weird rage. 

What characters will return? Well a ton of characters have passed away but there are some characters with loose ends. Paco, Dr. Nicky, Beck's BFFs, all of Peach's family, and obviously, Candace. There will obviously be new characters added to the show, since Joe's first love is stalking innocent women. 

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What will the storyline be about? As we know, the first season was all about stalking Beck and trying to get rid of everything in Joe's way so he could date her. And while he succeeded, things obviously didn't go to plan. While they haven't said exactly what the storyline will be about, we have to remember there are loose ends from season one. There will definitely be something with Peach's family and investigating Joe, maybe another love interest for Joe, and trying to figure out his mind throughout the episodes. Everything in season one can really come back to haunt Joe, and that's mainly what the second season will be about. Oh, and we can't forget about what happened to Candace. How is she alive? Was she ever 'dead'? Season two will cover all the things. 

The Hollywood Reporter did an in depth interview about season two, so you can read that here. If you're waiting for the second season, then you should watch these other shows to pass the time. All we know for sure is that Joe will be returning, we'll find out how Candace is alive, and Joe may be stalking another woman or getting locked in jail forever. Either way, we're excited! 

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