Yesterday, 'The Office' fans got news they've been dreaming of after four whole years of waiting: the show is getting a reboot.

On Monday, TVLine reported that NBC is looking to revive the U.S. version of the beloved mockumentary series - which first aired way back in 2005 - for the 2018/ 2019 season.

The revival is, of course, in the very early stages, but the prospect is already garnering huge attention from past (and maybe returning?!) cast. At least two cast members have already said that they were 100% in for more Office. 

Angela Kinsey, who played head accountant Angela for all nine seasons, announced her interest on Twitter.

While you may think that Kinsey's former costar and BFF IRL Jenna Fischer aka Pam would be game for a reboot, she hasn't yet announced her interest. But former cast member Creed Bratton has. He's apparently so interested that he's been blowing up Kinsey's phone with excitement over it. 

It's not clear who else is up for an Office reboot, but Mindy Kaling (Kelly) and B.J. Novak (Ryan) are as tight as ever, so here's to hoping that they jump on board too. 

Yup, this is amazing. All we need now is Jim, Michael and Dwight to sign on.

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