Ever want to watch something on Netflix Canada that will make you not look at your phone for 2 hours? Those kinds of movies are the best. The kind where you're so dedicated to the storyline that you don't want to miss a beat. Well, these underrated movies on Netflix Canada will have you at the edge of your seat

Maybe you're into thrillers, maybe you're not. But we have to admit that thrillers are the most interesting movies. They make you jump, cover your eyes, but you also don't want to look away. Of course, I probably wouldn't suggest these right before bed, but to each their own. 

The Gift

Simon and Robyn move back to California, and Simon runs into an old classmate named Gordo. The two become friends, but Gordo is really trying to get revenge on Simon for an unknown reason. You'll be on the edge of your seat trying to figure out what this 'secret' is between Simon and Gordo. 

13 Cameras

13 Cameras is about a newlywed couple who moves across the country and into a new house. While the two are having problems in their marriage, their creepy landlord is watching everything they do on hidden cameras around their house. And once they realize it, it's downhill from there. 


Tessa, who is played by Katherine Heigl, has to deal with the fact that her marriage is over. Before she can, she finds out that her ex-husband is engaged to a girl named Julia who was in an abusive relationship before. Tessa tries to make Julia's life a living hell solely because of her jealousy. 

The Stepfather

The Stepfather is one of my favourite thrillers. If you loved the movie Disturbia, it kind of has the same vibe. Michael returns from military school only to find out his mom has a new boyfriend and is living with him already. Skeptical of his mom's new boyfriend named David, Michael starts to do research and hear things that make him feel super uneasy. 


Clinical is a Netflix Original that is unlike any other movie. Dr. Jane Mathis is a psychologist and previously dealt with a patient who tried to hurt her as well as commit suicide. Jane now has PTSD from that situation, but still has to take on other clients for her job. However, she takes on a patient named Alex, and things go downhill from there. 

The Girl on the Train

The Girl on the Train is based on a book, and the movie definitely does it justice. A girl named Rachel takes the train every day to work and sees the exact same couple in their house on her route. After learning that the girl in the window went missing, Rachel tells the police what she thinks she saw. However, Rachel may not be very trustworthy for a big reason. 


10x10 is a movie that you'll be thinking about for days. An ordinary man kidnaps a woman in the middle of a parking lot, and she has no idea why. He then puts her in a tiny, soundproof room and tries to get her to remember why she's there. His goal in this whole kidnapping is to get her to talk about her deep, dark secret she has no idea he knows. 


Okay, Room is one of my favourite movies ever. While it won an Oscar, I still feel like it doesn't get the recognition it needs. Joy was kidnapped years ago and is held in a backyard shed with her son Jack. The create a plan to escape, and while it doesn't go exactly to plan, it works. The rest of the movie is about how Joy and Jack survive outside of that room after being held captive for so many years. 

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