When I was done watching season 1 of YOU, I already wanted a second season. That ending was enough to get us thinking for days on the possibilities of what may happen, and the show was filled with things that could easily be pushed into season 2. While season 2 of YOU has been confirmed, we're not sure on the air date. Even though we may have to live a little longer without Joe Goldberg, these YOU season 2 theories will give you major chills.

A lot of things happened in season 1 of YOU, so much so that we're not even sure what else could happen in the next season. Whether we're rooting for Joe or not (why would you, by the way?), there are so many clues that could get him in big trouble in season 2. However, the showrunner did say that season 2 will take place in Los Angeles, so Joe may have been able to outrun his problems. For now.

Fans have so many theories on what will happen in season 2, almost to the point where we could write the show. From what happened to Candace, to Beck's fate, to all the new characters, this will be the season to watch out for. So here are all the theories about YOU season 2.

The pee in a jar will haunt Joe

Via Netflix

You may have no idea what I'm talking about. But if you watched the show closely, then you will. During the episode of YOU where Joe sneaks into Peach's house, while he's waiting around to murder her, he has to pee so badly that he pees in a jar and then places it on a shelf. Joe, as a serial killer, you should know not to leave any evidence of your DNA around. Haven't you seen Dateline before?

The most annoying part about it is that Joe doesn't even seem concerned that his pee is just sitting in a jar in his girlfriend's best friend's house. But Joe was approached by a private investigator, hired by Peach's family, and it seemed like that PI knew more than Joe did. There is no way that that jar of pee is just sitting in season 1 and not brought into season 2.

Dr. Nicky isn't letting Joe get away with murder

Remember when Dr. Nicky was framed for Beck's murder? That was all Joe. Obviously. I mean, he was having an affair with Beck, but that's not a reason to frame someone for someone's murder. If we're lucky to have Uncle Jesse Dr. Nicky back for season 2, you best believe he's not letting Joe get away with that.

We can all see Dr. Nicky in jail, looking scruffier than ever, plotting his revenge on Joe. I mean, hopefully.

Peach's family will come after Joe

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Even though Peach was super up and down, her family knows that she would never take her own life. But, at some point in the season, Peach tried to. So because Joe's mind works 24/7, he used that as an opportunity. Well, Peach's family isn't buying it and hired a private investigator. Like I said before, Joe was approached by him, and he's definitely a person of interest.

Will the fact that he moves to Los Angeles in season 2 be a problem for this investigation? Most likely not, since it's a TV show. Problems follow you, Joseph.

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Beck is, indeed, alive

Wouldn't this just make sense, though?! While we have no idea if Beck is alive, we do know that at the end of the season, she wasn't. But fans think because we actually didn't see her dead body like we did the rest of the cast, that it wasn't her that ended up dead.

I mean I highly doubt that Beck will just magically be alive and follow Joe to LA to pursue all their hopes and dreams. But maybe like Candace, she'll come crawling back at the end of season 2 to haunt his dreams and whatever.

Candace isn't just a memory anymore

Via Netflix

Was she ever, though? There are wild fan theories about Candace and where she has been, and if she's actually back. You can read a lot of them here, but I don't think Joe is imagining anything or that Candace is a hologram. Whether or not she's come back from the dead, she's definitely alive and well.

If Candace isn't a major part of season 2, then that's a theory in itself. Fans think that Candace will take over Beck's role of being the main character, and we'll get to hear a ton about what actually happened to her.

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A new cast member will be Joe's new Beck

@victoriapedrettifansembedded via

You may recognize this new character, as she's from The Haunting of Hill House. From one creepy show to the next, actress Victoria Pedretti will play a character named Love Quinn. There are only rumors swirling that she's Joe's new love interest, but take a look at her. She looks pretty similar to Beck. Similar hair, similar features, and I don't think this is an accident.

Both Beck and Love look innocent, but like they are harboring a lot of things. Beck was an aspiring author, while Love will be a produce manager at Whole Foods, aspiring to be a chef. Joe really does love women who are 'aspiring to be' something, eh?

Whether Love ends up dead or not, it seems like her fate isn't great. While there aren't too many spoilers on casting and the plot, a few other characters have been added in who will definitely get in Joe's way at some point.

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