If you're a horror movie buff, you've probably been around the block when it comes to scary stories and characters. From Chuck to Jigsaw there are tons of spooky storylines that have been done and revisited time and time again. Though if there's one scary story and character that hasn't gotten nearly as much screen time as they should, it's Slenderman. 

If you don't know the story about Slenderman, it's essentially a crazy tall faceless creature with ridiculously long limbs who preys on children at night. Once you see Slender Man, there's no way to escape him. It doesn't sound that scary but go ahead and google a photo of what it looks like and picture seeing something like that in the dead of night, yikes. 

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The story of Slender Man initially got traction several years ago, but the only way it really "hit theatres" was when the HBO documentary "Beware The Slenderman" was released. Contrary to the title, it has little to do with the actual story of Slenderman and more to do with two girls who killed their friend in the name of the scary creature (it's based on a true story... creepy I know). 

Though IGN is finally giving the story and the character the movie it deserves! The trailer and poster were both released just yesterday but have since absolutely blown up across social media:  

So far Slenderman fans have nothing but positive things to say about the flick's trailer and are excited to see the horror story come to life on screen! For now, while we wait, we can rewatch the trailer and stare at the poster until we finally get a release date.

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