It's finally back! The 23rd season of The Bachelor is premiering tonight. The super produced ABC show delivers drama and romance time and time again and tonight it starts all over again. 

This season brings without the usual girls fighting to win over the love of one man, and this time around it's none other than Colton Underwood. The 26-year-old from Colorado is not only a former American football player, but he is also a former contestant himself. 

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Colton first made his mark on Bachelor Nation earlier in 2018 when he was on the 14th season of the Bachelorette vying for the love of Becca Kufrin. He actually made it really far too. While on Becca's season Colton received more date roses than any other contestant. Ultimately though, he was sent home eight weeks in after the hometown visits. 

Then Colton made a splash on another one of the franchise's shows Bachelor in Paradise. He only lasted there for five weeks before leaving. Now he's making his third official Bachelor Nation appearance tonight on the main show. 

However, as many fans know Colton was not who people were expecting to be the next Bachelor. While many people were hoping for Becca's other runner-ups, Blake and Jason, it turns out a Canadian celebrity was also asked to take the gig. 

Back in September 2018, Jonathan Scott, the hot Canadian home improvement star from the hit show Property Brothers revealed that he had been asked to be the Bachelor. 

The shocking news about Jonathan came only days after Colton was announced as the next Bachelor. While on the red carpet for the Creative Arts Emmys, Jonathan's identical twin brother Drew mentioned that he had actually been approached by the show a number of times. 

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Jonathan confirmed it saying that just at the end of the summer in 2018 he was asked to be the Bachelor for the third time, meaning he could have been the one giving out roses tonight. He told them "No." and said that the show is completely not for him. 

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Even though he thinks the show isn't for him, he definitely fits the bill for being the next Bachelor. For starters, he's single but he's no stranger to fast love. Jonathan has actually been married before. Back in 2007, he met a girl named Kelsy, moved to Las Vegas with her, and got married all in the same year. The marriage ended after a while but that shows that Jonathan has fallen fast before.

On top of that, while he hasn't previously been on the franchise shows, he is well known on his own merits with his Property Brothers shows and over 1 million followers on Instagram. This makes him well known enough to draw in a good audience. 

Then, of course, there's also the fact that Jonathan is pretty attractive, another thing that The Bachelor looks for in their stars. He's so hot that if he had said yes to being the Bachelor he would have been the first one ever to be named on People's list of the Sexiest Man Alive. 

Back in 2017, Jonathan and Drew Scott joined the ranks of hot brothers like the Hemsworths and the Francos being named the sexiest brothers alive. Just recently, in 2018 they also made People's list of the sexiest handymen

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If Jonathan Scott had said yes to the Bachelor this year, he would have joined the numerous other Canadians who have starred on the show. While there have been several Canadian contestants, Jonathan would've joined Jillian Harris and Kaitlyn Bristowe in the small group of the show's Canadian stars. 

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Nonetheless, Jonathan Scott as the Bachelor is just a dream for now. Meanwhile the real star, Colton Underwood falls into the spotlight tonight when the 23rd season of the Bachelor starts. 

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