Action hero movie fan, or not - you have to admit that Marvel has definitely been stepping it's game up when it comes to their box office hits. With mega performers like Black Panther, Wonder Woman, and The Avengers franchise they've 100% kept us engaged. However if there's one movie we're all anxiously waiting for, it's Deadpool 2, and for all the Wade Wilson fans out there, we've got some good news. 

The Hollywood Reporter just put out a revealing article that claims the Deadpool squeal outscored the original movie in its test screenings. The original Deadpool received a score of 91 according to insiders, while Deadpool 2 seems to be walking away with a score as high as 98. 

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The movie was screen tested 3 times, all with different versions of the film, the one that scored a 98 was selected and the director had our Canadian heartthrob Ryan Reynolds head back to Vancouver (the movie's film location) for six days of reshoots last month. The goal was to add more of what the test audience liked in the highest rated version of the screening. 

With a near perfect review score, you can bet that we're getting excited for the film. The movie doesn't open until May 18, but at least we have the official trailer to hold us over till then. 

SourceThe Hollywood Reporter 

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