Mean Girls is easily the single most iconic high school movie of our generation. Most of us have watched it over and over (and over) again and can recite every line without missing a beat.

But there's one part of the film that most of us don't know existed, and it's pretty hilarious. 

The deleted scene opens with Damian in the cafeteria, loosening up screws to - obviously - humiliate one of The Plastics.

Then we see Katy, carefully placing delicious looking ice cream treats (that definitely weren't sold in any normal high school) to spill on Regina.

I think we know where this is going:

In true Mean Girls style, the prank doesn't work out, and as Regina stops to kiss her boyfriend, we see our fave Plastic, Karen Smith become the brunt of the joke.

The scene ends with Regina pointing and laughing at Karen, and Cady pissed off her plan didn't work.

While we don't know where in the film this scene would have taken place (though we assume near the beginning, probably before the Regina George weight gain incident), it's surprising that it was cut in the first place.

Not only is it hilarious to watch Cady and Damian's prank backfire, it also cements the characters in their true places: Regina as the terrible friend, Cady feeling bad that the food ended up all over the wrong person, and Karen as... well, Karen.

Here's the full video:

We definitely think this should have made the cut, but we'll just have to settle for watching it over and over again on YouTube instead.

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