Noah Centineo really made waves in 2018. He starred in two Netflix Original movies, To All The Boys I've Loved Before and Sierra Burgess Is a Loser and stole the hearts of everyone who watched those movies. While he is said to have a huge career in 2019 too, someone may be taking his place. If you haven't seen the Netflix show Baby, then get ready to be shocked while falling in love. 

Baby is a dark and twisted version of Gossip Girl with a little bit of Skins mixed in. Even though there are only 6 episodes, it pulls you right into the dark teen world that goes on in certain neighbourhoods in Rome. Baby is based on a true story, and it follows teens as they are allured into a prostitution ring. It's not a very light and fun show, but it's super interesting as it's voiced over in English. 

Lorenzo Zurzolo plays the part of Niccolò, who is a mysterious bad boy who doesn't care about anything. And since watching the show, fans have fallen deeply in love with his whispy hair and light eyes. Step aside, Noah. There is a new, Italian version of you in town. 

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Fans have been talking about their feelings for Lorenzo on Twitter ever since the show came out, and some of the tweets are so accurate. I mean, do you think Noah is jealous? 

Lorenzo isn't the only good looking cast member either. The cast is filled with girls and guys who really resemble the cast of Gossip Girl. Beautiful, endearing, and complicated. We're so here for it. 

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