Raise your hand if you love horror movies! Netflix Canada has brought so many amazing movies and TV shows to us lately. From movies like Bird Box, to Black Mirror: Bandersnatch, to TV shows like YOU, we're really getting prime content from Netflix Canada. Well, we're about to get another one and this time, it's messed up. This new horror movie on Netflix Canada makes art come alive and kill you, so get ready. 

Starring Jake Gyllenhaal who is my personal fav, this movie will have you confused and also scared as f*ck at the same time. Velvet Buzzsaw is the newest horror movie from Netflix Canada, but I'm not sure that it's supposed to be a horror movie. Velvet Buzzsaw is about the contemporary art world, where high up people will pay loads of money for these art pieces. The problem? Well, a woman who is not an artists tries to pass off her dead neighbours art as hers, and that doesn't turn out well at all. 

In Velvet Buzzsawthe bad guy ends up being the art. For some reason, these pieces of art are practically demonic. The trailer for the movie has you jumping from your screen, so I can't imagine what the whole movie will have me doing. 

Via Netflix | YouTube

If you love scary movies, put this one on your Netflix Canada bucket list. I'm sure after watching it, fan theories will come out about what it's actually about. Like Bird Boxit may have an underlying metaphor that we'll have to search for. 

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Velvet Buzzsaw looks terrifying from the trailer, so you may not want to watch this one alone. Or if you have any art pieces up in your home, may put them away for a couple of weeks. Velvet Buzzsaw will be available on Netlix Canada on February 1st. You can view the trailer here

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