Perhaps one of the most controversial Netflix Original series' to date is 13 Reasons Why. The series explores tough topics such as suicide, gun violence, rape, and more. Another popular, but slightly less controversial Netflix Original is the film Bird Box. Whether you loved or hated either of these, one thing's for sure - you heard about them. Now, 13 Reasons Why meets Bird Box in this haunting new film.

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Via BD Horror Trailers and Clips | Youtube

What so many people loved about Bird Box was the thrilling aspect of it. The characters were constantly running from monsters (who we never got to see), and there was always some new obstacle or challenge for them to overcome. This new film, called Starfish seems to follow the same pattern.

What drew so many people to 13 Reasons Why were the tapes. As you may know, the main character Hannah left behind tapes to those who had done her wrong in the past so they could try and solve the mystery of her suicide. In Starfish, the main character, Aubrey, is also left with a collection of tapes that require her to solve a mystery.

Starfish stars Virgina Gardner as Aubrey, (who you may recognize from the 2018 Halloween movie. The film is set to release in theatres on March 13th, but in the meantime, you can watch the trailer above.

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