Netflix has been making some major moves when it comes to creating original content in the wake of many production houses pulling their movies and TV shows from the streaming site. As a result, we have gotten cult favourite Netflix originals such as Making A Murderer and Stranger Things. While a brunt of their original content has been based in the United States, as of recent Netflix has been expanding their production to different parts of the world. 

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One of Netflix's newest shows marks the first original based in Australia and it's already getting some pretty great reviews. The easiest way to describe it would be if you combined Riverdale, mermaids and Australian accents, you would get what is known as Netflix's Tidelands

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The series has been out since December 14th meaning that there are already a considerable amount of people who have binge-watched the first season and given their mini-reviews on social media: 

If you want a taste of what to expect, the teaser trailer hints at some serious underground illegal activity but with a paranormal twist somewhere down the line all taking place in Orphelin Bay, Australia. 

If you're left a little confused by how vague the teaser is, the story essentially follows a criminal who returns back to Orphelin Bay. When it's announced that a dead fisherman has washed up ashore, she attempts to solve the mystery. Doing so while also attempting to figure out the truth behind the "tidelanders" that inhabit the waters who are half-siren and half human. 

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Clearly, the show is a wild ride, to say the least. If you're intrigued, the first season of Tidelands is now available to stream on Netflix Canada. Meaning you won't have to wait to see if the series is worth the hype it's received thus far! 

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