When 13 Reasons Why made its way onto Netflix, there were plenty of mixed reviews. While some people really enjoyed the show and thought it had important messages to share, others feel that the show went too far and was way too graphic for most audiences. Regardless of your opinion, I think we can all agree on one thing - the show was haunting. If you're looking for something similar, this new Netflix Canada series is the most chilling teen show since 13 Reasons Why.

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The new series is called The Society, and it's all about a group of kids who are somehow transported to an exact copy of the New England town where they reside, with their parents nowhere to be found. At first, things are all fun and games - what teenager hasn't dreamed of living in a world without parents and rules at least once or twice?!

Via Netflix | YouTube

Things take a dark turn quickly though, and the kids start to realize that in order to survive, they'll have to establish some sort of order and make alliances with one another. If you ever had to read Lord of the Flies in high school English class, it's an awful lot like that.

The trailer for the series dropped this morning, and it features the hit song Bury a Friend by Billie Eilish, so if you weren't convinced to watch it before, you probably are now. You can check out the trailer below:

The Society stars Gideon Adlon, Natasha Bordizzo, Jacques Colimon, and Olivia DeJonge, among others. The show will be available for streaming on Netflix Canada as of May 10th. 

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