Netflix is currently loving post-apocalyptic films, and so are we. They have a new movie coming out called Bird Box, which is a mix between American Horror Story and A Quiet Place, and now they have a movie coming out called IO, which is a little bit similar. A couple of days ago, Netflix announced their new movies and TV shows that will make their way to the streaming site in January 2019, and the Netflix Original film IO was on there. This movie is one you can't miss. 

Although there isn't much information on the movie yet, and the trailer hasn't even been released, the description of the movie says it all. Anthony Mackie, who stars in several Marvel films and Margaret Qualley from HBO's The Leftovers star in this movie together, and the plot will have you so anxious, nervous and on the edge of your seat. 

Basically, the premise of the movie is that a teen girl named Sam is one of the last people on earth, post-apocalypse. Sam must decide between two major decisions: If she wants to take the shuttle to an unknown destination in space, or if she wants to try and survive on earth pretty much alone. Earth is the only home she has ever known, like all of us, so she'll be risking it all if she leaves. 

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This sci-fi thriller will grace our screens on January 18th, 2019. Make sure to keep an eye out for the trailer, and upcoming photos of the movie. If it's as good as the description makes it seem, then the pictures will be absolutely wild. 

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