Running out of things to watch on Netflix? No worries, the streaming service has plenty more awesome content coming your way! From new seasons of Sex Education and You to new movies that might even top the phenomenon that was Bird Box there's so much to look forward to. Netflix has just announced their newest venture, and it's a film about a world where children can no longer be conceived. Sounds pretty crazy, right?

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The film will be based on the post-apocalyptic graphic novel, Last Sons of America by Phillip Kennedy Johnson and Matthew Dow Smith. The novel is set in a not-so-distant future in America. After the apocalypse, Americans have found themselves no longer able to conceive, making children a hot commodity all across the world.

The story follows two brothers, Jackie, and Julian (who will be played by none other than Game of Thrones star, Peter Dinklage). The two work as adoption agents in Colombia and their job is to secure deals with families who are willing to give their children up in hopes that they might go on to live a better life in America.

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Although major details about the film have yet to be released, its been said that Netflix is currently in the process of casting other major roles to star alongside Dinklage. The film is to be directed by Josh Mond, who has previously directed the film James White.

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