Many of us know and love actress Vanessa Hudgens from movies like High School Musical, Spring Breakers, and The Princess SwitchShe's usually cast as a shy, sweet, "girl next door" type of character, and she definitely kills it in these roles!

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In every actor's career, there comes a moment when they decide to step outside their comfort zone and try something totally new. For Hudgens, it's looking like that moment is now, and the "new" is Netflix's latest original film, Polar.

Via Netflix | YouTube

Hudgens doesn't play the leading lady in this film, but she does make several appearances throughout the film in her role as Camille. In case you were wondering though, the leading character is Duncan Vizla, who is played by none other than Mads Mikkelsen.

If you didn't know, Polar is the film adaptation of a popular graphic novel. It tells the story of the world's top assassin (Vizla), otherwise known as The Black Kaiser. He's recently retired from the life of being a killer, but his former employer has decided he's now a liability to the firm.

Via Netflix | YouTube

As a result of this, Vizla finds himself out of retirement, now fighting against younger, faster, and more ruthless killers than ever before. Sounds pretty intense, right?!

The film's score was created by famous musician Deadmau5, so you can expect some pretty intense bass drops to go along with the thrills. Polar will be available for streaming on Netflix as of January 25th, but if you want to watch the trailer, you can check it out here:

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