Near the end of every month, Netflix releases a list of what they'll be adding to their website in the coming month. In December, it was announced that a Netflix Original film called IO would be coming to the streaming service in the new year, although not much information on the film was given.

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What we did know, was that IO was taking place in a post-apocalyptic world and that it starred Sam (played by Margaret Qualley), a young woman and scientist, who was left alone on an abandoned planet Earth in hopes of finding a way for humans to survive and adapt to these new conditions.

Via Youtube | Netflix

Sam eventually finds company when she meets Micah, played by Anthony Mackie, who had dreams of becoming a teacher before humanity fled the Earth. The two have a tough decision to face - hop on the very last shuttle to an unknown destination in outer space, or stay on Earth with Micah and attempt to make the planet inhabitable again.

If you're wondering where the name IO comes from, that's the name of one of Jupiter's moons, where the residents of Earth have found shelter. The two eventually decide that they want to get on the last Exodus launch, but have a lot of work to do to make it there safely. 

Via Netflix | Youtube

The trailer alone will have you on the edge of your seat, so you'll definitely want to stream IO when it becomes available on Netflix on January 18th. If you want to check out the trailer, you can do it here:

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