Hobbies: watching romantic comedies alone. Can anyone else relate? While rom-coms are usually saved for movies, Netflix Canada released a French romantic comedy series on Netflix and it's actually so relatable. Well, most of it. Do you ever feel like you have a friend (or are that friend) who can never get over their ex? No matter what you do, they pop into your mind. Ding ding ding! Then this is the show for you. 

This new French rom-com is called The Hook Up Plan, and even though I just said it's French, don't worry. Everything in voiced over in English so you'll be able to understand if you don't speak the language of love. Just like this Italian show Baby on Netflix, you'll be hooked even if you're annoyed about the voiceovers. 

While you may think this is another cheesy show on Netflix, it actually got a 99% rating on Google. So let me tell you a little bit about the show. Elsa, who cannot get over her ex and feels like she'll be single forever, is surrounded by love all the time. The three best friends friends are all in their early thirties, and one friend is also single and the other is pregnant and unhappy in her relationship. So, how do they try and help Elsa out?

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Well, they hire her a male escort, of course! They want Elsa to stop believing love isn't real, so they tell her he's a school teacher instead. Obviously, things don't go to plan after realizing he may not be the perfect boyfriend. The Hook Up Plan focuses on the three best friends and the men in their lives, and it's honestly like a romantic comedy soap opera in a weird way. 

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If you need a new show on Netflix Canada to binge-watch, I'd really recommend The Hook Up Plan. There are a ton of rumours that it will get a second season, but it hasn't been said when. The Hook Up Plan only has 8 episodes, and they're each around 25 minutes. If you find yourself always being single AF or just need a good new comedy to watch, you know what to do! You can watch The Hook Up Plan here

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