As of late, a lot of people have been unimpressed with Netflix for various reasons. Not only have they upped their prices a substantial amount, but they've also been canceling and removing popular content left and right - including all of their original Marvel series. Fear not though! When one door closes, another one opens. This new series coming to Netflix Canada is like a thrilling mix of Marvel and Harry Potter.

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Via Netflix

The series is called Shadowand it takes place in the beautiful country of South Africa. It follows the life of a detective and former task force specialized named 'Shadow' Khumalo who actually ends up leaving his job and going rogue in an attempt to take a stand against the crooked criminal justice system.

If that doesn't sound thrilling enough for you, it gets better. As it turns out, Shadow was actually struck by lightning early in his life, leaving him with damage to his central nervous system - essentially, he feels no pain. Starting to sound a bit like Harry Potter and the Marvel universe had a baby, right?!

Shadow is Netflix's first South African produced show. You can check out the series on the streaming service as of March 8th, but while you're waiting, be sure to watch the trailer above!

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