Sometimes, you just don't know what to watch. You're aimlessly scrolling through Netflix, hoping that something will jump out at you. You want to watch two things at once, but you don't know what those things are. It could be How I Met Your Mother and The Office, or two completely different movies and shows like Easy A and Scream. Well, this new show on Netflix Canada will actually let you watch two things at once... kind of. This new show on Netflix Canada is like a mix between Bird Box and The Walking Dead

Even though only the trailer is out right now, it looks so intense. This new show is called Black Summer. At the beginning of a zombie apocalypse, a mother is taken away from her daughter and sets out to find her. She connects with complete strangers who have also been taken away from their loved ones, and together they do everything they can to find them. 

However, like always, there are obstacles in the way. They all form a team, and together they have to fight off zombies in this dark zombie apocalypse. Sounds like our worst nightmare, eh?

Via Netflix | YouTube

Jaime King plays Rose, who is the mother who is torn away from her daughter during this apocalypse. The trailer for Black Summer gives me such Bird Box and The Walking Dead vibes, and I'm not mad about it! When you watch the trailer, you'll see what I mean. 

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Black Summer will be available to stream on Netflix Canada on April 11th. While you're waiting for it, you can watch the trailer below. Remember, this is a show and not a movie, so you know all of the episodes will be super intense! 

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