Almost two months ago, news broke that Luke Perry had passed away from a massive stroke. Celebrities and fans all around the world mourned his death, as he was known as such a great and positive person. He had a lead role in Riverdale, and was in the middle of shooting when he died. Riverdale creator just revealed when the last episode that Luke Perry is in will air

For a while, no one knew what would happen to Riverdale after Luke's death. Production shut down for a few days, and then the creator and showrunner, Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, confirmed that his death would play out in the show. However, it's happening sooner than you think. 

Unfortunately, this weeks episode of Riverdale will be Luke's last. Filming of the third season wrapped a couple of weeks ago, which means there are a few more episodes left after this tragic episode airs. Roberto announced this on Twitter, and you can see the tweet below. 

This will definitely be one of the hardest, if not the hardest, episode to watch. Roberto has said before that, "Every episode for the rest of time on Riverdale will have a bit of Luke in it." Every episode of Riverdale is now dedicated to Luke. 

You can watch the last episode that Luke is in on Netflix this Thursday, April 25th. 

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