While the sequel to the award-winning Netflix film To All The Boys I've Loved Before doesn't come out until February 12, that doesn't mean you can't rewatch or catch up on the first movie. Netflix has decided to give Canadians a small Valentine's treat by making the first movie available to the general public. So, if you've been wanting to watch the popular film, but haven't had a Netflix account, now is the time to do so.

The sequel To All The Boys: PS I Still Love You will finally be launching on the popular streaming service on February 12.

The movie will continue to follow the love story between Lara Jean and Peter Kavinsky, while the couple battles with the arrival of John Ambrose, one of the famous recipients of Lara's letters. 

For those who are still new to the rising series, it was originally adapted from Jenny Han's book which was published back in 2014. 

The book was a great success and was even on the New York Times Best Seller List for 40 weeks. 

Since Netflix has released the first movie, it has been a huge hit among its audience. The film rose to second place in Netflix's most-watched and replayed films in 2018. 

The first film followed the story of Lara Jean, a teenager who imagines her life in the most storybook romantic way when in reality, her love life is nonexistent. 

However, her daily life is turned upside down when her younger sister sends out love letters that Lara had written for each of her crushes, including one for her classmate and her sister's boyfriend. 

While fans have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of the sequel, you still have time to catch up on the series before it arrives. 

Netflix France announced on their Twitter account today that To All The Boys I've Loved Before will be available for those who don't have Netflix until March 10. 

However, there is no word on if the sequel will ever be available for non-Netflix users. 

To view the full movie, you can click here. Happy watching! 

This article was originally published in french on Narcity Quebec.


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