With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, some people have already begun watching cheesy romance movies to get into the mood. One movie in particular that people are very excited to watch is To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You. If you’re one of the many that will be checking out the film tomorrow, you’ll want to check out this To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before recap.

In the first movie, we’re introduced to Lara Jean Covey (played by Lana Condor), a high school student who spends much of her time writing secret love letters to her crushes, which she keeps hidden in a box in her closet.

One of Lara Jean’s letters was written to Josh, her childhood friend who also happens to be dating her older sister Margot. When Margot heads off to college though, Josh is suddenly single and Lara Jean has to decide if it would be problematic for her to pursue her sister’s ex.

While hanging out with her younger sister Kitty (played by Canadian actress Anna Cathcart) one night, Lara Jean falls asleep on the couch. During this time, Kitty sneaks into her sister’s room, uncovers the mysterious love letters, and sends them off to their rightful owners.

The following Monday at school, Lara Jean is confronted by high school heartthrob Peter Kavinsky (played by Noah Centineo) after he receives one of her love notes. The confrontation is awkward and uncomfortable, but it only gets worse when Lara Jean sees Josh approaching her with a letter of his own.

In the heat of the moment, LJ does what any sensible girl would do—she kisses Peter to deter Josh, then quickly runs off.

Later that day, Lara Jean is confronted by Lucas, who she wrote a letter to after their dance at homecoming. Lucas comes out as gay, and Lara Jean quickly realizes that she’s in big trouble, as all of her letters have been mysteriously sent out.

When she talks to Peter again, LJ comes up with a fake story about pretending to be into Peter so that Josh would think she’s no longer into him. Much to Lara Jean’s surprise, Peter is okay with this and even proposes that the two should continue on with their fake relationship in order to make his ex-girlfriend (and LJ’s ex-BFF) Gen jealous.

The duo continues to fake date for a while, but when Peter realizes that he’s actually made Gen jealous, he finds that his feelings become conflicted. At this point, Lara Jean realizes that she too is jealous, and she may have caught real feelings for Peter.

On the school ski trip, LJ and Peter confess their real feelings for one another and have a steamy makeout sesh while alone in the hot tub. Lara Jean’s butterflies don’t last for long though, as Gen quickly informs her that Peter spent the night in her room and even gave her LJ’s favourite scrunchie.

As anyone reasonable person would, Lara Jean breaks things off with Peter and heads home, where she finds out that Margot has returned from college. Things become even messier when Josh and Peter arrive at her house at the same time, and Margot finds out about her younger sister’s feelings for her ex-boyfriend.

LJ asks Peter to leave, but shortly after she finds out that a video of their time alone together in the hot tub leaked to Instagram, causing everyone to think that the couple had sex on the ski trip.

Because the power of sisterhood always prevails, Lara Jean turns to Margot for help. The two work out their issues, but Kitty then reveals that she’s the one who sent the letters, causing LJ to get emotional all over again.

With some wise words from Margot, the middle sister realizes that maybe the letters being sent was a good thing after all—like a weight lifted off her chest. The three make up, then email Instagram in hopes of getting the provocative video taken down.

After Christmas Break, it’s revealed that the video has already gotten around the school, and everyone knows about Lara Jean’s hot tub exploits, although Peter defends her and tells everyone that nothing happened.

When LJ confronts Gen about the video, she reveals that it was her who leaked it and that she’s been jealous ever since Peter kissed Lara Jean during a seventh grade game of spin-the-bottle.

Lara Jean then turns to her dad for some advice on what she should do and his words lead her to reconcile with Josh, who agrees to be friends again despite all the drama.

After some more urging from her younger sister, LJ also makes the move to talk to Peter, who confesses that he’s in love with her. The two kiss in the middle of the soccer field and the credits start to roll.

The film’s sequel To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You is hitting Netflix on February 12. You can check out the trailer for the highly anticipated movie below.

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