Lights, camera, action! The month of March is just kicking off, but there are already three new shows filming in Vancouver that will be keeping the city abuzz with celebrities over the coming weeks.

According to What’s Filming, production on season two of Another Life kicked off on March 2 and will wrap on June 9. IMDb reports that the series is about an astronaut named Niko Breckenridge whose crew finds themselves in an unimaginably dangerous situation when they begin exploring the genesis of an alien artifact.

The series stars Katee Sackhoff (Longmire), Blu Hunt (The Originals), Samuel Anderson (Doctor Who), A.J. Rivera (Alpha House), and Jake Abel (Supernatural), among others.

March 2 also saw the start of production on a new series called Family Law, What’s Filming reports. According to TV Eh, the new show is not only filmed in Vancouver, but it will also be set in the city.

The show’s synopsis reads, “Set in Vancouver, Canada, Family Law follows lawyer and recovering alcoholic Abigail Bianchi struggling to put her career and family back together after hitting rock bottom.”

“As a condition of her probation, Abby is forced to work at her estranged father’s firm, practicing in family law for the first time while forging new relationships with the half-brother and half-sister she’s never met.”

The only two confirmed cast members on the show’s IMDb page so far are Canadian stars Jewel Staite (Firefly) and Zach Smadu (Return to Christmas Creek).

One last show that started production in Vancouver this week is the pilot episode of Debris, according to What’s Filming.

Variety reports that the series follows two agents who come from two different continents. They must learn to put aside their differences and work together while investigating the wreckage of an alien spacecraft that’s been impacting mankind.

Also in Vancouver this month are Emilio Estevez and Lauren Graham who are filming The Mighty Ducks Disney+ reboot, as well as Sandra Bullock, who’s currently working on a new, untitled project for Netflix.

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