The Riverdale mid-season finale aired yesterday on Netflix and wow - are these kids screwed. Now more so than ever. If you haven't watched the mid-season Christmas spectacular - stop, go watch and come back to me. For someone who has mixed feelings about Riverdale's writing and acting, this episode delivered on all accounts as far as I'm concerned, even though it left me with a lot of questions. You've been warned, there are SPOILERS ahead. 

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So you'll remember earlier in the season, Archie and Veronica interrogated janitor Mr. Svenson. Mr. Svenson was also caught creeping around near Josie McCoy late at night and accidentally walked into the girl's change room with both Cheryl and Josie (gross). He was a prime suspect, but Archie dismissed him because he didn't have the Black Hood's vibrant green eyes - the same eyes he starred into before the masked assailant shot his father in Pop's. 

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Archie was and is obsessed with revealing the Black Hood's identity and getting revenge. The Black Hood's eyes were a huge defining factor in who he really is. Later in the mid-season finale, when Archie and Betty fall into a trap set by the Black Hood, he's later revealed to be Mr. Svenson after all. The only concerning bit? His eyes. Not a piercing green, but an ordinary brown. Which makes me believe there's more than one hooded assailant running around Riverdale. 

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At the end of this episode, Jughead narrates that Betty too feels as if the fight in Riverdale isn't over...Maybe that's because there's more evil to be fought. One more Black Hood to be taken off. Riverdale has really set up it's last episodes with a lot of drama. Like Veronica and Archie getting back together...even after Archie and Betty shared that quick kiss? (Too quick if you ask me, where was the build up?? She loved him for years???) 

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Also wtf is going on with Jughead and the Serpents?? Did he REALLY skin Penny Peabody?? Because I'm concerned. Is Veronica going to go deep into the 'family business'? Will Cheryl ever get exposed for creepily stalking Josie?? All these answers and more when Riverdale returns Thursday January 27th 2018. 

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