It's officially been over 3 months since Stranger Things season 2 and we are still not distracted by another Netflix franchise enough to ignore the fact that we'll have to wait for ages until season three even starts filming let alone actually ending up on our laptop screens. While re-watching the old seasons is great, there's only so much longer we can live without knowing what happens to our favourite group of kids in Hawkins! 

If you didn't know, the wait is longer between season two and three versus the first and second season because at the time of the first season's release, Netflix was greenlighting basically everything, meaning it took no time for them to see the success of Stanger Things and go "yea, season two is a must. Start writing." 

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Unfortunately for season three, after season two wrapped the writing and production team had to wait until Netflix finally got around to the show to give them the go ahead as the season aired right around when Netflix was issuing a ton of series "renewal pauses." Which is why they haven't even started shooting the new episodes yet.

So what does that mean for the upcoming season? It definitely means there will be a time jump as they've already noted that the kids are growing up too fast for them to start right from where everything was left off in Hawkins. Matt Duffer noted this in an interview with the Hollywood Reporter saying, "Even if we wanted to hop into the action faster, we couldn’t. Our kids are aging. We can only write and produce the show so fast. They’re going to be almost a year older by the time we start shooting Season 3… [so] it forces you to do a time jump."

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Though the delay also means another crucial detail for the new season that has left fans across the world broken hearted. While you would think the growing success would equal longer seasons with more episodes, it turns out the Duffers are scaling back to eight episodes this season. That's one episode less than season two.

It most likely has to do with how little time the team has to write, produce and film the episodes considering working with kids who are growing insanely fast can be hard to keep up with. Unfortunately, that means more time to wait for a shorter season but on the bright side, at least we can expect it to be jam-packed with the characters we know and love considering all of our favourites are signed on for season 3! 

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