So, we finally got to watch our favourite rowdy crew reunite at the Jersey Shore Miami Beach and we're living for it. There was fist-pumping, t-shirt time, a club that looked a lot like Karma and a ton of drinking. But, more importantly, the two-hour episode revealed so much more about the Jersey castmate's lives now that they are adults.

Basically, everyone in the crew is married and has children or children on the way - Well, minus Vinny, he's just living life. Although, being married or having children definitely didn't stop the crew from slamming back drinks and partying the nights away. Even the first day at the new Miami house, it's safe to say that the castmates were completely blackout.

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You may wonder, did this reunion have the feel of the original series - my answer would have to be yes, and this is why.

Ronnie couldn't stop talking about Sammi, Deena was crying again, Vinny is still an awkward dancer and Pauly D already pulled a prank on his roommates. Oh, and Snooki and JWoww party harder than literally ever before, so hard that Snooki lost her wedding rings.

The most shocking reveal was definitely the obsession with Sammi. Her name must have left Ronnie's lips more than a dozen times during the series premiere. Ronnie and Deena butted heads throughout the entire episode because Ronnie wouldn't stop talking about his ex, Sammi.

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The biggest reveal had to be when Ron claimed that the only reason why Sammi wasn't in the house was because of her new boyfriend, which leads us to believe that there's more to this story than meets the eye. Sammi released a statement last week claiming that she's in a good place and that's why she wouldn't be joining the cast, but it seems that none of the roommates believe that, even for a second!

Ronnie also started crying to Deena, explaining that if Sammi really cared about him, she would've been there with them in Miami Beach. There are definitely harboured feelings here, he's not tricking us with that new family of his.

Ron also revealed that after the show ended five years ago, Sammi told him that she wanted to get married and Ron ended up cheating on her which ended the relationship.

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Since the episode aired, Snooki and Jwoww have received a ton of hate online about their drinking habits and their parenting styles. Fans came for them, explaining that moms shouldn't be drinking that much, but the Jersey girls were not having any of it. It was obvious from the show that they definitely had "mommy guilt".

We're excited to see the rest of the series! This definitely has the taste of the original show, regardless if Mike is a saint now. It was basically two hours of laughter and drama and we can't get enough!

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