It looks like Westworld fans have finally gotten their turn to freak out over their favourite HBO show after news of Game of Thrones and Big Little Lies has been circulating through the media as of late. Of course, though, the show couldn't come back low key and opted for a dramatic quick trailer that aired on none other than the sports world's biggest night, the Superbowl. 

If for some reason the commercial didn't show up for you during the game, or you just didn't watch the game, here's the clip to get you all caught up: 

Clearly, HBO isn't playing around this season, and neither is Dolores. While the second season was confirmed not too long after the first season practically took over the TV and phone screens of North America last year, it's felt like eons since we last got any news about the series. Thankfully the preview came with a shrivel of info that fans can hold onto until the series is back, and that's the second season's arrival coming back to HBO in April. 

@westworld_hboembedded via

Yea.. as in this April. Which is amazing news for any Westworld fan considering many were speculating that it would take even longer considering how insane the production level must be to create the show. If you haven't gotten into the show yet and are in an HBO-related funk with Game of Thrones and Big Little Lies still creating their follow up seasons, definitely check out Westworld. Not only is it incredible but now we know for sure it's second season is closer than ever. 

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