Yesterday, news broke that Luke Perry who had suffered a massive stroke last week had sadly passed away. He was only 52 years old, and so many of his fans and costars around the world mourned the loss of the actor. However, everyone is wondering, what will happen to Riverdale after Luke Perry's death?

If you're not familiar with Riverdale, Luke Perry played Fred Andrews, who was Archie's dad. The cast is so close, so much so that the cast of Riverdale couldn't believe that he was actually gone. While his co-stars mourned his death and also reacted to it on social media, others are wondering what will happen to the Netflix show. 

When a character dies in a show, it's really hard to imagine the show without them. Luke was part of the main cast, so not seeing him in the show will be very odd. Production for Riverdale actually shut down yesterday in the wake of the news, and it's not been said if they have resumed filming today. 

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In season 3 of Riverdale, there are 22 episodes. 13 of those have already aired, and Luke was in every single one of those episodes. While it has not been confirmed, since he was a part of the main cast, it sounds like all the episodes that have been filmed but not aired will have Luke in them. 

Since all of the episodes are written in advance, the writers will need to decide whether Luke will get a closing storyline or not. However, since his role was so big in the show, it seems like the right thing to do. In other shows such as Glee and 8 Simple Rules, when a main character dies, they usually do a tribute episode to them. In this case, one of season 3's episodes would have to be completely reworked. 

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His legacy will live on throughout the seasons of Riverdale and 90210. Since a ton of scenes and episodes have already been shot, you can expect that Fred Andrews will be in the next few episodes to come. Those episodes will definitely be hard to watch for Riverdale and Luke Perry fans. 

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