A lot of the time, before a movie is even announced to the world, directors have an idea of exactly who they want to cast. Take Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Vile and Evil for instance - directors knew that they needed Zac Efron as Ted Bundy and Lily Collins as Liz Kloepfer, there was literally no deliberation. It was recently announced that Twilight star Robert Pattinson would be taking on the role of Batman, but a lot of people have been asking, why was Robert Pattinson cast in The Batman?

According to insiders at Warner Brothers, the decision to cast Pattinson was much faster than anticipated. The film was cast by Matt Reeves, who has worked on films such as CloverfieldDawn of the Planet of the Apes, and The Yards. While the script was being written, Reeves had a few actors in mind.

Reeves knew that whoever he cast needed to fit the age bracket - approximately 30 years old, and needed to be someone who could fully embody this new take on Batman. This version of the story is not about how Batman came to be, nor does it show him as an experienced protector of Gotham City; it shows Bruce Wayne, trying to find his footing. 

Ben Affleck was eliminated early on, when Warner Bros. began rethinking their superhero strategy, leaving Reeves with two main contenders - Pattinson, and 29-year-old Nicholas Hoult (Warm BodiesX-MenMad Max). Reeves liked that Pattinson has not yet appeared in a Marvel movie, and it's hard to find an actor who hasn't worked for the rival company, DC Comics.

After much deliberation, the final decision came down to a screen test during the week of May 20th. Both actors had pre-negotiated deals ready to go, depending on whoever passed the final test. Each actor put on a suit from a previous Batman movie, which has become a customary test when casting such a big role.

Reeves was looking at things like character embodiment, how their eyes looked, what draws attention to them in this role? After the screen test, Reeves took a week to make his choice, but ultimately it was Pattinson who won out the role. The next steps are sure to be more intense - getting fitted for his own batsuit, and training for the shooting that will be coming in 2020.

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