There's nothing worse than showing up for a movie you've been waiting to see for months, and then getting the worst seat in the theatre. But Cineplex might have a solution.

To mark the premiere of Star Wars: The Last Jedi, the entertainment company is trying out a new ticketing model across select theatres in Canada, including Toronto. They're now offering a new $1 reserved seating option. 

This move is due to an overwhelming demand for tickets, and while reserved seating isn't new (it's been available in IMAX, UltraAVX auditoriums and VIP cinemas for quite a while), it's the first time that it's being made available for general admission screenings. 

via @chung.anthony

With The Last Jedi likely to be the biggest film of the year, Cineplex wants to see how audiences react to the concept on a large scale. They hope the offer, available to anyone going to see Star Wars, will make moviegoers across Canada want to pay more in order to not wait in line. The company says about 20 per cent of its Canadian locations are testing the $1 reserved seating charge at regular screenings.

The offer comes as Cineplex and other theatres look for ways to boost profits and compete with other convenient entertainment alternatives, like Netflix.

If the concept is received positively, it's likely that Cineplex will continue the offer at regular screenings for other major movies. Not only will the new reserved seating option expedite entry, it will also - hopefully - reduce lineups. 

Wouldn't that be a treat.

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