If you've never seen an episode of This Is Us, what are you doing? Drop everything, buy a pack of Kleenex, binge it on Netflix, and then come back to this article. We all heard about the devastating episode that aired after the Super Bowl, which revealed the real reason Jack died. It was absolutely heartwrenching, and I've never cried so hard at a TV show. However, there was a special moment in the episode that a lot of people missed, but it was super important. 

If you don't want spoilers, do not keep reading. From the previews, we all assumed Jack died inside of the house from the fire. During the episode, hearts were racing as Jack went back inside to get the dog, which we thought were his final moments, but he steps outside like the hero he is. At the hospital, you can tell something is off with him. It seems like he knows something is wrong, but he doesn't want to tell anyone. Alright, cue the tears. He sends Rebecca, his wife, off to get some food and those are the last moments we see of them together. 

Episode 214.

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During the final moments of his life, you see Rebecca on the phone chatting with her kids and Jacks best friend Miguel, as nurses and doctors are running around in the background. It was one of the most chilling parts of the episode. As Jack recalled earlier, he wanted anything but chocolate from the vending machines but that was the only thing left. While she's standing at the vending machines, you hear Jacks voice in the background saying 'Bec?' and she actually turns around. 

Milo Ventimiglia revealed to Esquire that his thoughts on the scene, "Yeah, it’s so human, so simple, just the disbelief. And if you caught this, when she’s at the vending machine, you hear Jack say “Bec?” I had recorded a lot of different versions of that, some that were a little more ethereal like I was whispering. You’ll have to ask Dan, but my belief is that it’s a presence. That was Jack saying “Bec? She turns her head and everything." 

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If you watched the chilling, more than sad, devastating, will-never-be-the-same episode, you'll know how heartbreaking it was to see his wife see him for the first time after not believing the doctor that her husband had just had a heart attack from the smoke. A lot of fans were worried that Jack would not be a part of the show anymore, but the writer for the show Dan Fogelman told Glamour that Jack isn't going anywhere. "We play with a lot of things around time and memory and what could have been, so I think that’s definitely a possibility," Dan says, when asked if it's possible that we'll see Jack in the present tense. Just as long as Jack isn't going anywhere, I think we're all somewhat okay now. 

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