When You dropped on Netflix Canada last year, it became an instant hit. For some reason, we loved the story of a stalker who ends up killing for love. Romantic, right? The world was so interested in the psychological thriller that it was immediately renewed for a second season. But when will the second season drop on Netflix? You season 2 release date is reportedly in December. 

Last year on December 26, everyone started binging You and quickly realized that this story was unlike any other. Joe Goldberg, who is played by Penn Badgley, became the target of hate among viewers but for good reason. If you've never seen You, it's a pretty straightforward storyline with a ton of twists. 

You is about a man named Joe Goldberg who falls in love with a girl named Beck. He pretends that they've met organically, while he has been stalking her for a while. The two fall in love, but he realizes there are a lot of things in their way of true happiness. So, in order to get those things out of the way, he decides to kill. 

Season 2 follows Joe all the way from New York City to Los Angeles, where he decides to start fresh. He finds another girl to obsess over, whose name is Love Quinn. Of course, his past mistakes in New York creep into his life in LA. 

While unfortunately fan-favourite characters Beck and Peach won't be in this season, there may be other favourites. Love Quinn is played by The Haunting of Hill House actress Victoria Pedretti and comedian Chris D'Elia will play Henderson.

But let's get down to when season 2 of You will be on Netflix. While Netflix hasn't confirmed anything yet or debuted a trailer we've all been patiently waiting for, a Facebook post back in September was deleted fast, but fans noticed a date at the bottom that is pretty exciting. 

The above post was posted on September 11, 2019. You can see it says "You S2: 110" which meant the season was premiering in that many days. If this is correct, the release date would be on December 30, 2019. 

Are we willing to cancel all of our holiday plans in order to binge You season 2 all in one day? Yes. Even if this post doesn't mean anything, we still know we're one day closer to getting the season we've all been waiting for. And if you're tired of waiting, you can click here to find shows like You on Netflix Canada. 

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