Finding a job that fits your lifestyle is one of the biggest struggles of living in Calgary. The crazy Deerfoot traffic, icy roads, and construction are constantly causing you to be late and even worse, miss your morning coffee. All this in combination with being a student or requiring flexible hours makes finding a decent job seem impossible.

But fear no more, friends, CanadaSurveyJobs is here to help you earn some extra cash without even having to put on pants!

CanadaSurveyJobs is a 100% free survey platform that puts cash in your pocket in exchange for your honest opinions, all from the comfort of home. How, you ask? Well, major brands are always doing market research on their products and services in order to better understand the needs of their customers. These brands rely on surveys in order to get feedback from real people like you and me on a variety of topics ranging from fashion, food, cars and sports to even more serious subjects like the economic climate, global warming, and political events.


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CanadaSurveyJob conveniently puts all the best online paid survey companies in the country in one place for you to choose from. You can make up to $35 (paid by cheque or PayPal) per completed survey. You can also win loads of other free prizes and items for all your "hard work."

Of course, filling out surveys won't make you the next Bill Gates or Oprah Winfrey, but it’s a great way to make some extra cash for a pizza party (or practice some adulting and pay a bill.)

It's really that simple: Get some snacks and fill out a survey about your interests in your pajamas and get paid.

Visit CanadaSurveyJob to learn more.

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