Have you ever found yourself committing to plans far in advance, and then dread having agreed to your social engagement as the day approaches ever closer? Honestly, we've all been there. In fact, a recent study conducted by Sleep Country has confirmed that 61% of Canadians aged 18-34 admit that they’ve cancelled plans… so that they can sleep instead. Have you ever SEEN a more relatable stat? Didn’t think so.

Actually, cancelling plans and opting for the sweet, sweet embrace of sleep instead isn’t the only fun fact. Did you know that 62% of Canadians get less than 7-10 hours of sleep? Or that 60% of the population gets up 1-2 times during the night?

In reality, everyone has some kind of issue when it comes to sleeping. Since every Canadian is unique, everyone’s definition of a good night’s sleep will also be unique. The only thing that doesn’t change is that sleep is super key to your mental health and wellbeing - so you better believe that finding exactly what’ll lead you to the perfect sleep is highly important.

That’s exactly where Sleep Country’s Tell Us Everything campaign comes in. It centres around telling one of their sleep experts everything about what keeps you up at night and which sleep issues hit home for you. Focusing on learning more about the sleep problems and patterns of their everyday customers, Sleep Country wants to know what makes for a good night's sleep to you, so that they can create a complete sleep solution to match your needs! Why? Because Sleep Country is so much more than just a mattress retailer they are sleep experts and they actually care.

After all, if sleep is one of the most important parts of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, then why aren’t we taking the proper precautions in order to ensure its fruition – life stressors and responsibilities aside? 

This is where Sleep Country comes into play. Their innovative product assortment features everything from the comfiest mattresses to high-tech pillows, cozy duvets, weighted blankets, silk pillowcases, and more – all ready to lull you into the best sleep of your life. Have you ever considered that maybe your current lifestyle could be maintained, if only you had better rest? Imagine, 47% of Canadians get between 5-7 hours of sleep; that’s far less than the recommended 8 hours per night you need in order to function productively the following day. 

What if the only thing missing from the formula of your day-to-day life was just a few quality sleep essentials?

As Canada’s leading sleep retailer, Sleep Country knows the importance of upping your sleep and comfort levels. For example, those who have used their best-selling Bloom Mattress have described their sleep experience as though they’re "floating off in air." Sleep Country’s combination of plush gel memory foam and aerated memory foam mattresses promise to elevate your sleep experiences to places you’ve never gone to before.

So, if you’re still living off of the mattress that you’ve had since college and are finding the need to pop melatonin just in order to drift off into those sweet dreams, maybe it’s time to consider the Sleep Country alternative.

While we know that you’re swamped with work, family life, and additional responsibilities, there's still no reason to put your health and sleep at risk. Life definitely tends to take a toll on our sleep patterns when we aren’t careful. Luckily, with the help of people and brands who care, like Sleep Country, even the most sleep-deprived and stressed of us all are able to overcome our challenges.

While we know that not everyone’s sleep problems are the same, Sleep Country wants to know more about which sleep issues hit home for you, and what keeps you up at night. Their Tell Us Everything campaign focuses on learning more about the sleep problems and patterns of their everyday consumers, so that they can focus on making your nighttime experience all the more sweet. In short, they want to know what makes for a good night's sleep to you, so that they can create a 360° sleep solution to meet your needs.

Chances are, a good night's sleep is all you really crave at the end of the day (literally). If you're done with tossing and turning night after night, like so many Canadians are, then maybe it's time to introduce something new into your routine to help you doze off into lalaland.

Interested in learning more about Sleep Country and their innovative product assortment? Visit their website and follow them on Facebook and Instagram for more information.

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