Whether you rent or own a home, one thing’s for certain: it requires cleaning. As in, pretty much every day — unless you like living in a place that's been overrun with dust bunnies (which doesn't sound like a very happy existence at all).

And while cleaning can be cathartic, there’s a reason why it’s a chore — it’s serious work! Thankfully, Adèle House Cleaning has heard our cries for help and is here to answer the call of duty.

An on-demand house-cleaning service, Adèle functions like a digital menu for household chores. Essentially, you pick and choose the services you’d like the cleaning Pros to do, then you’re charged based on the services you’ve selected. This includes everything from dusting and kitchen cleaning to floor washing and vacuuming. Plus, Adèle's cleaning Pros use certified green products only!

What’s also really cool about Adèle is that they offer different payment options including one-time cleanings, subscriptions, and short-term subscriptions for Airbnbs. And you can save those hard-earned dollars based on the frequency of your subscription. For example, a monthly subscription saves you 5% on cleaning services, while a weekly subscription saves you 15%! And, of course, you can also cancel your subscription whenever.

So, what about the cleaning Pros? Like, who are these people entering our homes? Don't worry, guys, 'cause Adèle pre-screens everyone with a thorough background and criminal check, so rest assured your home is left in good hands! Plus, from estimation to reservation, everything is done via Adèle’s website, including payment. Yay for technology!

Right now Adèle is offering Narcity readers $30 off their first home cleaning with the promo code NARCITY30. So get on it, fam! And in the meantime you can also find Adèle on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter

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