It's very possible that Doritos is one of the tastiest snacks in the known universe. I mean, go ahead, try to find a chip that's as crunchy, tasty, and packed with as much flavour as Doritos are... you can't, can you?

Nope. Because Doritos are pretty much the Holy Grail of snack food, and perfect for anything. A get together with friends? You know what you're bringing. A movie night at bae's? Doritosville, here we come. Chilling alone at home with nothing but Netflix to keep you company? You got it. Bring on those tasty corn morsels.

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One of the best thing about Doritos, though, has to be their bold and unique flavours. Even their classics (looking at you, Nacho Cheese) are more on the daring side, so you could only imagine their specialty flavours. 

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How about their Sonic Sour Cream? If this sounds familiar to you, then you're on the right track: Doritos Sonic Sour Cream was a hugely popular flavour that was discontinued more than a decade ago. Since then, it's gone on to become one of the most requested Doritos flavours - and sometimes, when you ask the universe for something, well, it delivers.

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Doritos Sonic Sour Cream is now officially back for a limited time. And honestly, even if you're trying it for the very first time, it's not hard to see why... although all Doritos flavours are solid, this one's special.

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Every single bite is like a crunchy, tasty, creamy bold flavour adventure. From the second you open the bag - until the very last crunch - you'll be totally in love. It's different but in the best way possible.

And if you guys thought you were happy about the relaunch of Doritos Sonic Sour Cream, trust, Doritos itself is just as thrilled.

In fact, to celebrate they've gotten together with a top Canadian DJ to prove just how awesome their Sonic Sour Cream flavour really is. The Doritos Beats video is a mashup of, well, all the awesome sounds that come together while embarking on this flavour adventure! 

With a song this catchy and fun, and a taste this bold and delicious... how could you possibly go wrong? Just remember: it's here for a limited time only. So you might want to grab a bag sooner rather than later.

Check out Doritos' website and Facebook page for more information on where you can get your hands on a bag of Doritos Sonic Sour Cream ASAP, and click here to listen to Doritos Sonic Beats!

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