Straight-up, finding a job can be super difficult - especially right after graduating university. Sometimes, actually finding a job with your degree is a little difficult... especially if you also don't have any relevant work experience.

But that's where Toronto's RED Academy comes in. RED Academy has campuses in Toronto, Vancouver and London, U.K, and trust, it's super different from any traditional school you might have attended.

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The school offers diploma programs in digital media, design and technology, with programs in UX Design, UI Design, Digital Marketing and Web & App Development

Here's where the (even more) awesome part comes to play: RED Academy focuses on making sure their students are ready for the workforce, by educating them in a way that ensures they'll hit the ground running as soon as they graduate.

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How? By making sure their students are trained on how to work on real-life projects, of course! RED Academy works with local businesses on real-life projects, not case studies. So students will get to work on actual projects, as well as work to build up their portfolios! It's basically like getting business experience and an education all in one - which is the ultimate investment in your future!

Oh, and FYI - RED Academy could have you ready to graduate in as little as 12 weeks' time. With an 90% and up hiring rate across all their programs, your dream career is legit just 3 months away! 

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No matter what your situation is, this is a pretty sweet deal. Whether you're brand new to the world of working, or whether you're looking to switch career paths altogether, a school that focuses on career coaching and personal and professional development is pretty amazing. Plus, they have a really cool study space and special social events on Fridays. What more do you need?

But wait, there's one more cherry on top of this already monumental sundae. Just to make sure every single student who wants to attend RED Academy can attend RED Academy, the school's now officially offering super affordable finance options for their programs. So finance can be the very last barrier you cross on your way to the future you deserve!

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For more information on RED Academy Toronto and how you can set up financing to be one step closer to your dream career, check out their websiteFacebook, and Instagram!

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